Business Partner Program

Over 1,000 homeowners* each year

+$2.2 million in economic impact

Over 15,000 baskets delivered

*your future customers


We are best known for our Celebrate Our Town new homeowner welcome baskets. We connect over 1,000 new homeowners that move to SE Wisconsin each year with your business through our in-home, personal welcome service. Since our inception, we have delivered over 15,000 baskets with an estimated $2.2 million in economic impact!

Why the basket?

Quite simply the basket gets us in front of the newest homeowners before your competition! We work hard for you, because we know you work hard for your business!

Our one-of-a-kind marketing strategy means that we will personally introduce your business with our in-home presentation, welcoming new homeowners to SE Wisconsin with a gorgeous gift basket filled with gifts, gift certificates, and community information.

Fill our our form below, and let's celebrate!


How do I get in?

The first step to getting into our program is sending us a message. We've set up a simple form just below this text. Fill it out and we'll be in touch with you real quickly! Someone from our team will touch base to complete our screening process.

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